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2018 Detroit Auto Show

2018 North American International Auto Show

aka Detroit Auto Show

For the first time in many, many years, we will not be personally attending the Detroit Auto Show. Due to weather concerns and scheduling conflicts, this will be a remote coverage, but still complete and unique! Just no pictures of pigeons.

North American Car, Utility and Truck of the Year Awards

Honda Accord

Volvo XC60

Lincoln Navigator

Most people are familar with the Motor Trend "Car of the Year;" some also have heard of the Car and Driver "Top Ten" or the Automobile "All Stars." The Detroit auto show has hosted a jury of up to 60 United States and Canadian journalists to vote on a car of the year and truck of the year. Starting in 2017 year, the award went to three winners: car, truck and utility.

The 2018 Honda Accord won the "Car of the Year," the Volvo XC60 won "Utility of the Year" and the Lincoln Navigator won "Truck of the Year." 



The new BMW i8 Roadster was introduced to North America at eh Los Angeles Auto Show; the Detroit Auto Show saw the introduction of the coupe. Reports that the new i8's would be 2019 models when they arrive were incorrect: they will be 2018 models.


2018 BMW X2


Honda Insight Prototype

The prototype for the third major generation of the Honda Insight Hybrid was revealed at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show.

If you remember, the Insight, not the Prius, was the first hybrid sold in the United States. The Insight also was considerably more fuel efficient than the original Prius, though the Insight was only available as a two-seater.


2019 Ram 1500 Debut

The 2019 Ram Pickup debuted in Detroit, naturally.

Aluminum: The Ram's body is not all aluminum, but the tailgate and hood are, along with other parts. Instead, high-strength steel is key to the Ram dropping about 150 pounds, even as it gets even bigger.

Hybrids: ALL gasoline engines will be mild hybrids with regenerative braking, electric assist and automatic start/stop.

The exterior has a sleek new look; sadly, the crosshair grille that dates to the 80's is gone. But it was related to Dodge, and Ram is no longer part of Dodge, but a separate marque.


2019 Toyota Avalon Detroit Reveal

Following the full redesign of the Toyota Camry for the 2018 model year, it was only logical that the Avalon would be next. 

A new V6 (sampled from the V6 Camry) will produce over 300 horsepower and a revamped hybrid will probably be a twin to the one in the Camry Hybrid with 208 system horsepower and over 40 miles per gallon.

A substantially stronger chassis with no gain in weight is anticipated even with a two-inch longer wheelbase and a wider track and body. The new Avalon also becomes more aerodynamic. Avalon Touring will offer, for the first time in the Avalon, an electronically adaptive suspension that can change from soft to firm automatically.


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