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Car Chat is an automotive blog created by engineers, scientists, and automotive industry experts with over three decades of experience. Established in New Orleans, Louisiana in the 1990s as a radio show, Car Chat expanded to Saint Louis, Missouri, and now has a global audience via the Internet. The team has worked for famous design houses, won photography awards, published scientific research, and won races.

*Car news you need to know.

*New car reviews.

*How-to instructions for everything automotive.

*Future-car: Insights into what’s really coming down the road.

*Poptical pontification on automotive areas.

*Portraits of car culture.

*We answer your questions, drawing from our vast stores of automotive knowledge.

Email your questions, comments, and other material to: info@thecarchat.net.

Car Chat - Personnel

Withan Lemmon

CEO of nationwide automotive research firm since 1991. Born into car family: Father drove a 1967 Z28 Camaro, Mother drove a 1965 Impala SS 427 4-Speed. Other family cars: 1953 Ford hotrod with a bored Lincoln engine, 1955 Austin-Healey with a Corvette 327, 1972 Vega with a 327 V8, 1986 Shelby GLHS, Dodge Magnum R/T, Subaru WRX Wagon-modified, Chevrolet Cobalt SS Turbo Sedan. Autocrosser. Salesperson and Inventory/Fleet Manager at car dealerships for 7 years. Radio Host on the Car Chat Radio Show, WSHGO New Orleans three years. All but 1 of my six children can drive a stick shift. Personal Top Speed Driving: 165 MPH. Co-drivers: Driving Kitty; Wife, Karen; Gary, Bari-Sax. Primary musical instrument: Trumpet. Secondary musical instruments: double overhead cam shafts.

Ed Payne

Mad Scientist. Researcher at Advanta-STAR Automotive Research. Electronic engineer, computer scientist, mathematician. Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Radio Host on the Car Chat Radio Show, WSHGO New Orleans three years. Primary cars: 2015 Dodge Challenger "Scat Pack" 392 SRT 6.4L, and 2007 Dodge Charger SRT8 "Super Bee." Primary musical instruments: Clarinets Bb, A.

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