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2015 Woodward Dream Cruise

Every year, cars from all over the U.S. gather up in Detroit to cruise down the legendary Woodward Avenue. A couple hundred thousand classic and new cars alike all cruise side by side in one of the largest car events in the world. We took thousands of pictures and picked out the very best! woodward girl wwdc16 wwdc9 wwdc31 wwdc15 wwdc29 wwdc34 [caption id="attachment_1870" align="alignnone" width="1000"]wwdc32 This couple is cruising down Woodward in the same stingray they had when they got married![/caption] wwdc30wwdc28 Forget about hybrids, this guy's VW Rabbit runs on carrots!wwdc27 wwdc26 wwdc25 wwdc24 wwdc23 wwdc22 wwdc21wwdc20 One could only imagine the amount of speeding tickets this guy has collected...wwdc19wwdc18 Yes, even Bumblebee came to the Dream Cruise.wwdc17wwdc14 Wait... what? A lifted Tracker!?wwdc13 On rare occasions, classic cars can be spotted in the woods surrounding Detroit. wwdc12 wwdc11 wwdc10 wwdc8 wwdc7 wwdc6 wwdc5 wwdc4 wwdc3 wwdc2 wwdc1   Find the full size photos and tons more on our Facebook album  right Here!


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