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Toledo Museum of Art, Life is a Highway: Car Show


life is a highway banner.JPG

I was invited to exhibit at the Toledo Museum of Art (TMA), Life Is a Highway: Art and American Car Culture, that opened to the public on Saturday, June 15 and runs through Sept. 15, 2019.

The Car show ran from Noon to 3, but we left early at 2pm due to excessive rain.

Indoors this is the first large-scale domestic exhibition to provide a historical overview of this topic with an emphasis upon the Midwest. The exhibition features more than 150 works of art in a wide variety of media— including painting, sculpture, photography, film, prints and drawings— and a diversity of artists and perspectives, drawn from the TMA collection along with loans from around North America. 

They even made a small model of the street, Building, and surrounding buildings of the place.

Model of the street.JPG


model of the street where they were on.jpg

the highlighted area is where we were on display.

The indoors exhibit is a presentation of the changing car culture including the art of advertising to road trips taken in your car. Following the exhibit shows the change in the car culture over time from the early days through the Green Booker, to the nostalgic times we will remember. I especially liked the painting by John Bader of Late 1970’s Las Vegas where we go for our NADA conventions The Life Is a Highway curated by Robin Reisenfeld, Ph.D., TMA’s works on paper curator.

special exibit inside TMA.JPG

The first outdoor exhibit features the greater Toledo Cars and Coffee crowd with American Classic on August 24thand Modifieds on Sept.14th(outdoor admission is free.) For the cars and Coffee, we ducked rain for most of the period. Dry for a while and then the umbrellas came out. Five minutes later it’s again dry for a while then the return of the umbrellas. Without the umbrellas, the crow was pretty good. Local cars on display included a nice Model T through to a Fairlane 500, a bunch of Mustangs and the new Ford GT. An Electric BMW, a Tesla, a DeLorean, three Lotus, a couple of Porsches, a Cadillac and one Mercedes and only one Corvette.


other side still comming in.JPG

the cars are coming in HOT 

Lambo doors of the oo-op drop mustang.JPG

Lambo doors on a Mustang, make it looks a little nicer. I guess Post Malone was right about that Candy paint with the white on top Lambo doors of the oo-op drop, but in this case, it's black on black. 


Monroe St.JPG

 got a few good pictures of cars lined up on Monroe St, and this gentleman. I have a feeling we might be seeing this guy in the red shirt again. 

 old mustang.JPG

guy checking his engine, makign sure its still there 2.JPG

 this guy over here cleaning his car Engine, making the Porsche look good!.


finishing up for display.JPG

A series 2 Lotus Exige, extremely rare with their limited production of 50 Exiges (2004-2006 Model) came out that day to show off. Personally, think it was the coolest car there.


the most expensive car here, Maserati! .JPG

The most expensive car here, a Maserati!!!!


nice GTO dude.JPG

nice GTO dude.


lining up pt4.JPG

A Tesla next to a BMW i3. cute.


bicycle didn't stay, cars only.JPG

 1967 Volvo 122S (or known as the Amazon) hey.. it's that guy again..!


 back to the future coming soon..JPG

the good ol'classic DeLorean.


red wanna be fast challenger.JPG

A very clean Dodge Challenger.

 Mercedes and ford gt350 van!!.JPG

HEY WOW! a Ford GT350 van?? no way! this guy again is not impressed about this fake.



WRX Vs Porsche.JPG

who do you think will win? 

Ford Supercar.JPG

Apparently neither, cause this Ford GT will get the attention.


then it drizzeled.JPG

A little rain never hurt anyone. 

i hid a few easter eggs in this post, if you didn't find them, you were paying attention.


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