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2020 Lotus Model Year Changes



Lotus Evora GT Interior

Did you miss me? Yes, the Lotus Evora skipped a year, but now it's back and better than ever as the Evora GT with more horsepower (416), bigger tires (245/35R19 front and 295/30R20 rear) and double the aerodynamic downforce. The 3.5 supercharged V6 is still connected to a 6-speed manual and mounted behind the seats. Option an automatic 6-speed and you lose the torsen limited-slip differential. 

Along with the other changes the Evora GT gets a new grille and fascias as well as an inexplicable faux rear fender air intake, courtesy of a matte black sticker.

2020 Lotus Ever GT Faux Air Scoop

Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are now standard, as is navigation and a backup camera. The interior, as always is spartan but beautiful.

2020 Lotus Ever GT Interior

Speaking of interiors, a rear seat is now available, if you want call room for a small potted plant a seat.

At $96K minimum, the Evora is not the cheapest mid-engined sports car... anymore.


Lotus Evija Electric Concept

Lotus revealed it very first electric car this July, and it is by far the most powerful with almost 2000 horsepower estimated. Lotus is aiming for 250 miles of range.


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